Author: James Cole

New Publication

The Alder lab has a new publication in collaboration with the May and Robinson labs:

Malhotra, K., Modak, A., Nangia, S., Daman, T.H., Gunsel, U. Robinson, V.L., Mokranjac, D., May, E.R., and Alder, N.N. (2017) Cardiolipin mediates membrane and channel interactions of the mitochondrial TIM23 protein import complex receptor Tim50. Science Advances  DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.1700532


NESS 2017

This year’s North Eastern Structure Symposium (NESS) will be held on October 28, 2017.  The topic is “Through the looking glass: Inspecting Biological Processes by Cryo-EM.

Simon White

Simon White will be joining the SB3 faculty in August. Simon’s research is focused on the mechanism of assembly of RNA viruses.

Prof. Eric May and Postdoc Shivangi Nangia will use supercomputer for biomolecular simulations

Prof. Eric May and postdoc Shivangi Nangia will investigate virus infection mechanisms on world’s Fastest supercomputer for biomolecular simulations. Drs. May and Nangia have received an allocation on the Anton2 supercomputer donated to the Pittsburg Supercomputing Center by D.E. Shaw Research. The allocation was granted based upon a competitive application process which involved peer review by a panel convened by the National Research Council. The allocation will allow them to analyze viral protein-membrane interactions over  timescales which are not feasible on standard supercomputing environments. 

NESS 2016

The North East Structural Symposium will be held on October 14 at the UCONN Health campus. The topic is “New Paradigms in Drug Discovery.”  For a list of speakers and registration information follow the NESS link at the bottom of the page.

New grant to Eric May

Congratulations to Eric May, who was  awarded an NIH R35 MIRA grant for early-stage investigators. The title is “Structural Dynamics of Viral Proteins: Computational Investigation of Capsids, Lytic Peptides and Nucleoproteins Under Varying Conditions.”